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Friday, 12 December 2008
...go then, there are other worlds than these...
Angel's log:

...So this note was inspired by "paranormal encounters"...

...firstly...i wanted to comment about "portals". I know the term portal is kinda generic, and makes one think of star-trek, but whatever. I believe that there are "doors" through which pple, things and spirits go through- they connect our world (earth) to other worlds (other galaxies, other places in time.. The doors connect one "when" to another in a different "where". There is a quote that puts this in perspective: only a fool believes he is dreaming before he wakes up. Explained: if u are dreaming and u think, "oh, im just dreaming" then u are NOT actually dreaming. This is a point in time when u have gone into another "when" and another "where" have gone through the portal/door. In science its called lucid dreaming...for lack of another way to define the weird random stuff that happens to humans that sciene cannot fully explain.

Anyway, i have read up on this and the knowing ones say the portals are only open to us when we dream. When we "fall" asleep, we are literally falling..through the doors, and passing into these other numerous worlds. When we sleep, we leave our physical bodies when we "fall" and become spirits. (u may or may not believe in spirits, dead or alive, but they are there nonetheless). Our spirits then do stuff in the other worlds, and that is the essence of dreams... The nexus between humanity on earth and other life on parallel worlds is sleep through DREAMS.
When we have "lucid dreams" (for lack of a better word), our human bodies become aware of a process that is supposed to be largely subconscious. This knowledge then alerts the spirits in the "parallel world" that u are aware of what is happening. Put in another way: every spirit is unconscious to the happenings, but once a single spirit (esp human) becomes aware of its "where and when", then every spirit gets its eyes opened too....therefore they see you when they're not supposed to...

This leads me to my next point. Since the spirits have seen you...they know...and they are curious. This may or may not be the cause/reason behind hauntings...but it may help explain them.
So anyway...this awareness, coupled with the presence of a "door" enables spirits to go back and forth...from one world to another. Another quote to illustrate: "go then, there are other worlds than these," uttered by a helpless little boy while he was dying.
So anyway...the "ghosts" that people see are not ghosts, but spirits. Once your eyes have been open, you see what you are not normally supposed to see. You see, and experience the spirits that have come through those doors into our world...some are passive, some are aggressive, some are vengeful, some are playful. If ones eyes have not been open, then one tends to explain away all the weird freaky stuff that happens. When ones eyes are opened, only then can one analyze and correctly attribute it the weird and creepy things that happen.

One thing though: if you honestly (but falsely) self affirm that such doesnt happen, then your eyes wil be closed again. But if you "trouble trouble, then trouble will trouble you" if not double!
"Let sleeping dogs lie"....there is a lot of truth to all the idioms and proverbs out there.

Anyway, enough of that and on to some ghost stories!!
I have tonnes, but to write them all would entail publishing a book! Some fairly interesting ones are as follows:

So back in the day i was a tomboy. Running around, climbing trees, playing ine dirt and the like. There was one house in our 'hood that everyone knew to be haunted. Apparently someone died there...and it hadnt been inhabited in forever. We all dared each other to go in there and look around (so dumb!). So we opened the door...and for a still sunny day, a ghast of wind came from within. The door swung open, sqeaks and all everywhere. Cobwebs all around, we walked in (each carrying a stone or stick, as if that would do anything against an invisible assailant!). The place was empty for the most part, with papers strew everywhere. I remember walking into a bedroom, then the door shut behind me. I screamed...and one of the boys came and opened it...i was shaking, he was laughing...then....he felt a tap on his shoulder, swung round but no one was there. (remember, we were facing each other and i could see behind his back). Then, the papers started blowing around...but there was no open window or anything...the ghust of wind was coming from nowhere... At that....we ran out screaming... I heard my name being called as i ran, looked over my shoulder, and again...nothing. Maybe it was just me... All the guys i was with had their own story of the house. This was my individual experience.

Another one: While living in an flat on the 3rd floor...i remember watching telly one night. The curtains were open and all was jolly. I glanced through the window to see a cat out on the ledge. Yeah, it was weird. There were no trees or raised areas so i know the cat couldnt have climbed up anything. It was calmly sitting there- watching me. I had a start obviously, when i saw it...but then i walked toward it to make sure i wasnt seeing things. I called out to my sister and in so doing had (only for a second) glanced away from the cat- and then it was gone. Just like that- it was not there. I understand it may have jumped off, but i would have seen its tail or something... Then, later that night, i was awaken by scratching noises...i got up, pulled back the curtain to see what it was, and there was the cat again. I was freaked out i closed them shut and got back into bed. I then started hearing a baby crying out my window. It was 3 0r 4am...and there was the distinct cries of a baby.... It was so creepy. (i know, sometimes cats sound like babies...but u didnt hear what i did...). The next morning...the people in my block of flats wanted to find out if everyone else had heard the it wasnt me alone. My neighbor and a bunch of people left that saturday morning and were gone the rest of the weekend fearing that some weird witchcraft shit was going was so freaky!! (ps. someone has accused one of the residents of being a witch a few weeks before this happened!).

Then, one day, 2yrs ago...while driving from Johannesburg to Bulawayo (the drive is about 12hours, and is best done at night)....i saw weird things. Firslty, we were driving down a relatively quiet road (no houses or anything, and it certainly isnt a highway....just a road with bush on either side)... Anyway, it was about 3 or 4am and i saw this man standing on his own. It was fuck-ass cold, and he was wearing a blue shirt that wasnt buttoned all the way up. He was leaning against a tree by the road side just standing. In the middle of nowhere. No houses in sight. No other people in sight. Just him. Standing in the middle of the night watching cars go by. I glanced into the rearview mirror and he was gone. I tried looking back, but he wasnt there anymore. But i had seen him, the lights illuminated him as i passed...and he was gone. Ghost? yes, i think so. Forever trapped in this world, forever waiting and watching, all alone, in the cold.
That night i saw 2 more of these "ghosts". One was a man walking along the road....again, by himself, in the middle of nowhere- no houses or other civilization in sight, at 3 or 4am in the morning...just walking. I glanced back and he was gone. The other was a woman standing at a bus stop with a baby. One moment she was there....i saw her....but this time she disappeared in the wink of an eye (Literally, i winked and she wasnt there anymore. I looked back, and she is that for creepy????

Last story: I was in the bush once at a church camp. (about 3yrs ago). We used to stay up late singing songs at the bonfire and all. Then we were about to run out of someone suggested driving up the road, into the bush to get some (there was a felled tree there and we'd got the wood we did have from there earlier). So we got into the car and off we went. We got out when we got there...and 2 people remained in the car. There was a steady breeze....then i heard my name being called. I said "what" and the people i was with said no one had heard my name being wasnt them either. I heard footsteps behind me...turned to look- but no one there. My friends heard them too....but we didnt see anyone. Remember it was dark.....and we had driven far from the camp site....and we KNEW there was no one else in these areas....we all got freaked out. We got the wood as quick as we could. We started jogging a little...and we heard the footsteps pick pace. A jog turned into a run...and by now i wanted to cry. We all pushed into the car and shut the door quick...and the driver took off. Immediately a girl appeared and banged on the door asking to be let into the car. Man im telling you- we sped off like no other! I swear i almost peed my pants!! Whats worse is that we were approacing the dust road that connected to the one leading to camp....and there was a big boulder a few meters away from it. As we passed it, the same girl was all of a sudden on top of that rock crying, begging us not to leave her in the bush. We floored the accelerator and the faster we went, it was like she was literally right behind us...her voice was like it was over my shoulder.... We got onto the road leading to camp and she was gone. That is by far, the creepiest and scaried ghost story i have. I saw one, live in colour, with my own two eyes.
Later, the guys who'd stayed in the car said the girl appeared at their window and asked for directions to some place they didnt know. They asked why she was in the bush all alone and she said she'd been walking all day and was lost. She walked away then reappeared and asked to be let into the this point they got freaked out coz of the sudden way she would appear and disappear. They just motioned for her to follow the road and turn left and follow it. She got pissed that they wouldnt let her into the car...(and besides, it was full anyway save the back of the truck). She disappeared....for them to see her later on the rock with us.....
So yeah.....hers was probably a spirit lost in the bush/woods. Maybe she had been killed there....maybe....
But yeah, i had nightmares about it for the longest time...until i decided that i wasnt going to notice it anymore.
Oh, and there are several instances when i have taken pictures and have seen spirit orbs in them....some claim they are dust particles that reflect light....but i think not!!! Anyway....whatever!

So...yeah...these are my stories and what i believe about dream, spirits, "presence" or unknown things...and such.....

Angel out

Posted by angelztears at 4:22 PM EST
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Zimbabwean slang

Zim slang....i miss home...

nigh: sex (i read this earlier on, had to pay dues- its such a cool name!!! :)
staap: walk
cut: go
stasi: sister
ginna: dude
zhing (zhong): fake stuff
tune/nooch: talk
ekse: pal/friend
shaa: (figurative expression kinda meaning "can u imagine?")
jack/jackson: nothing
skies/blues: bulawayo
H: harare
zikuphani: whats up?
a Waaah: nothing
azikuphi: nothing's up
jeki: dude
meBraz: my man
maiSi: my sister/ (respectively saying 'chick')
etha: hey/whats up?
ndeipi: whats up?/hi
ngizokubamba ngamapast: i'll catch u later
ungithinte ngamapast: call me later
(therefore) ngamapast: later
joll: go/come
bali/lali: dad
queen/niqwi: mother
bra: dude/friend
jozi: johannesburg
babi: babalazi/hangover
lighty/tylie: younger brother/sister or just a younger person
graft: work
scraal: hunger (im scraal: im hungry)
boffin: clever person
vala: close/cheat
(therefore) close: to cheat
item/imet: person or thing, depending on context
checksing: eying a potential bf/gf out
tshana: far (eg. its tshana ekse)
whata gwan: how u doing/whats up?
gwan: thing/problem/issue (dependingon context)

hahaha...thinking about these has me reminescing so this space for more. Gees, actually, it would take forever to put a dictionary of our slang together...there's so much (harare slang, byo slang, shona and ndebele slang)....but yeah....i never realized how diverse my country really was!! haha. dang i miss home and mother africa <3

Posted by angelztears at 4:16 PM EST
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